Our Mission

To Inspire and Enable All Young People, Especially Those Who Need Us the Most, to Realize Their Full Potential as Productive, Caring and Responsible Citizens.


The following outcomes summarize our expectations and goals for young people in Clubs:

Positive Self-Identity
Educational, Employment, Social, Emotional and Cultural     Competencies
Community Involvement
Health and Well-Being
Moral Compass

Core Characteristics of Boys & Girls Clubs

Boys & Girls Clubs . . .

  • Are for boys & girls. They satisfy the age-old desire of young people to have a “club” of their own.
  • Have full-time professional leadership, supplemented by part-time workers and volunteers.
  • Require no proof of good character. They help and guide girls and boys who may be in danger of acquiring, or who have already acquired, unacceptable habits and attitudes, as well as those of good character.
  • Make sure that all girls and boys can afford to belong and even the least interested will not be deterred from joining.
  • Are for girls and boys of all races, religions and cultures.
  • Are “building-centered”. Activities are conducted in the warm, friendly atmosphere of facilities especially designed for youth programs.
  • Have an “open-door” policy. Clubs are open to all members at any time during hours of operation.
  • Have a varied and diversified program that recognizes and responds to the collective and individual needs of girls and boys.
  • Are guidance oriented. Clubs emphasize values inherent in the relationships between young people, their peers, and adult leaders. They help boys and girls make appropriate and satisfying choices.