Whatever It Takes to ensure that Great Futures Start Here!

For 50 years, the Aztec Boys Girls Club has served the youth and families of Aztec and the surrounding area. Every day, our members enjoy programs meant to build strong character, healthy bodies and sharp minds.

Our Main Club facility contains a dual basketball court, outdoor playground, a game room, a technology lab, art room and a concession stand. Our Main Club serves members ages 6 years old until they reach the 6th grade.  Our Teen Center is for our Middle School and High School age members.  The Teen Center is its own site, where teens can gather for games, recreation and programs appropriate for older members who are seeking to explore their own lives and the larger community.

Our youth are members, with the responsibilities and benefits of membership in an active community organization!  Volunteerism, sportsmanship, leadership and kindness are valued.  We are building the next generation.

Ummm... That is great, but were you CLOSED during COVID?


Last year, health orders were issued, and your Aztec Boys & Girls Club closed its doors to After School programs on March 13, 2020.  Just FOUR days later we re-emerged, delivering food and activities to shut-in children.  Over the next 13 weeks, we traveled over 3500 miles, delivering over 2100 meal packages and 130 “Club at home” program packets. 

By June, we reorganized the Club to run programming under new COVID-safe rules to serve families that NEEDED summer programming.  9 weeks of summer programs then turned into 13, due to COVID changes at the school.  By Labor Day, we had offered over 660 hours of COVID/small-group programming, while serving 625 breakfasts and lunches.  

These programs then led to turning the Club into a site for members to attend schooling... at a distance... And the next year saw us reconfigure the Club a total of 7 times to meet the latest COVID-safe practices and school needs of our members... The last year was CRAZY!  But through it all, kids and community flowed through the Club, and even though it was small, COVID-safe groups, we were a bigger part of those lives that were with us every day!

Summer programming is now underway, and while the state “opens”, we continue to ensure safe programming for those that cannot be vaccinated. Pushing forward, we hope for a more “normal” school year this Fall to help us “rebuild” the young people who have suffered most this last year.  In this, we are truly grateful for the support of the community, especially the donors, resources, and families that have allowed us to continue to serve Aztec with every change.

Thank you!

WOW... OK... but what about now?

While most of the state has OPENED up, Aztec Boys & Girls Club continues to run under COVID-safe practices because we serve children 12 and under.  This currently limits some summer activities and service numbers, but we hope to see these restrictions lifted soon.  

Fall (after school) registration is scheduled to start in July, but we are hoping for information on Fall restrictions in the schools.


OK, but what about the raffles and the OTHER things the Club does?

While our membership fees are low, these programs have costs, which we fund through grants, donations, community support and raffles.  From our little Club in our small New Mexico town, our raffles have become world famous!  What is more, the funds raised support the larger community!  A 2015 study, conducted by the University of Michigan, estimated that every $1 invested in a Boys & Girls Club returns $9.60 in earning and cost savings to the community!  This means our local Club is worth $3,000,000 annually to Aztec and the surrounding area!

We hold two different raffles every year. The first is our Harley Davidson raffle/RZR and the second in our 50 50 raffle. Our WORLD FAMOUS Harley and RZR Raffle was difficult last year because of COVID-19.  This year, a number of systems problems and ongoing COVID issues caused several set-backs.  We are hoping to bring back the Harley/RZR Raffle in 2022 for all our friends that have enjoyed that dream over the years!

Our second raffle is a 50/50 raffle where the money collected is then split between the club and the winner. We hope to be able to offer that FUN-fundraiser again this Fall!



Registration is OPEN for the Hilcorp Tee Up Fore Kids Golf Tournament on August 6th!  Please call the Club at 505-334-8861 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.  We have sponsorship and underwriting available for local businesses!

As always, thank you for your support!

Without YOU, there is no Club.


Did you ever work for Aztec Boys & Girls Club?

Aztec Boys & Girls Club is seeking current contact information for people who worked for the Club between 2008 and 2014.  We are looking into some potential benefits issues and we need to be able to send information to these past employees.  If you worked for us, or know someone who did, have them email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 505-334-8861.  

We just need to gather current mailing or email information at this time.  ONLY those with the Club between 2008 and 2014 are needed at this time.

Thank you.



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