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At 3 PM we drew a WINNER for our 50/50 Jackpot.

The winner is Joseph Polacek of Hayden, Idaho. Mr. Polacek won with ticket number 216. He said he has been purchasing tickets for many years and that he will put his half to good use and hopes the Club's half will put a smile on the kids faces. 

We thank everyone who took a chance on the Raffle for helping to support the kids and programs of Aztec Boys & Girls Club. 

We are reaching out to our winner now and we will post more information as soon as possible! 

Be sure to watch www.aztecbg-club.com for information on other events and raffles. 

THANK YOU for helping support the kids of Aztec Boys & Girls Club! Your support will be put to work in the Club immediately, bringing programs to our greatest resource, the young people! 

In this CRAZY year, we truly appreciate YOU! Great Futures start Here! 


Raffle Pot: $27,025.00 



For 50 years, the Aztec Boys Girls Club has served the youth and families of Aztec and the surrounding area. Every day, our members enjoy programs meant to build strong character, healthy bodies and sharp minds.

Our Club facility contains a dual basketball court, outdoor playground, a game room, a technology lab, and art room. Our Club serves members ages 6 years old through high school. We hope to be able to offer a new dedicated teen space to our members this winter.

Our youth are members, with the responsibilities and benefits of membership in an active community organization!  Volunteerism, sportsmanship, leadership and kindness are valued.  We are building the next generation.

While most of the state has OPENED up, Aztec Boys & Girls Club continues to run under COVID-safe practices because we serve children 12 and under.  This currently limits our service numbers, but we hope to see these restrictions lifted soon.  

OK, but what about the raffles and the OTHER things the Club does?

While our membership fees are low, these programs have costs, which we fund through grants, donations, community support and raffles.  From our little Club in our small New Mexico town, our raffles have become world famous!  What is more, the funds raised support the larger community!  A 2015 study, conducted by the University of Michigan, estimated that every $1 invested in a Boys & Girls Club returns $9.60 in earning and cost savings to the community!  This means our local Club is worth $3,000,000 annually to Aztec and the surrounding area!

We hold two different raffles every year. The first is our Harley Davidson raffle/RZR and the second in our 50 50 raffle. Our WORLD FAMOUS Harley and RZR Raffle was difficult last year because of COVID-19.  This year, a number of systems problems and ongoing COVID issues caused several set-backs.  We are hoping to bring back the Harley/RZR Raffle in 2022 for all our friends that have enjoyed that dream over the years!

Our second raffle is a 50/50 raffle where the money collected is then split between the club and the winner. This raffle Starts Monday, September 13th and runs through Friday, September 24th. Get your ticket NOW by clicking on the big red ticket! 


As always, thank you for your support!

Without YOU, there is no Club.


Did you ever work for Aztec Boys & Girls Club?

Aztec Boys & Girls Club is seeking current contact information for people who worked for the Club between 2008 and 2014.  We are looking into some potential benefits issues and we need to be able to send information to these past employees.  If you worked for us, or know someone who did, have them email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 505-334-8861.  

We just need to gather current mailing or email information at this time.  ONLY those with the Club between 2008 and 2014 are needed at this time.

Thank you.



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