Activities - After School Program 2016/17

After School Program 2016/17


Registration for the After-School program CURRENTLY UNDERWAY!    

Memberships available from $10 to $35!

August 8th through 12th – Club office will be open for registration ONLY.  Office Hours are 10 AM to 6PM.  (Closed to members)

August 15th – First Day of the After-School Program

August Parent & Member Orientation dates are:
    August 9th – 5:00 pm
    August 16th – 5:00 pm
    August 25th – 5:00 pm
ALL new parents and members to the club must attend an orientation before a member can attend the after-school program.

After August, orientation dates run the 1st Thursday and 4th Tuesday of every month.

ALL members must be fully registered before attending the after-school program.

Programs Curently Offered At The Aztec Boys & Girls Club

•    Rookie Staff – Building responsibility and leadership skills
•    Junior Staff – Building professional habits and work skills for Teens
•    Power Hour - Homework Help, while earning prizes!
•    Project Learn - High Yield Learning activities that are fun and educational
•    Science Club - Science-based activities and experiments
•    FETCH - Math and Science activities for "younger" kids.
•    Cyberchase - Math activities for kids
•    Dinosaurs/Fossils - Exploring the world of dinosaurs and fossils

•    National Fine Arts Exhibit - BGCA art contest
•    Drama Matters –Theater  
•    Imagemakers Photography - Photographic art
•    MusicMakers - Teaching kids how to make music
•    Club Tech Digital Arts Suite - Graphic design web design, photograph & music technology
•    Arts and Crafts Projects - Original art projects just for fun.

•    Sports Leagues (basketball, volleyball) - partnering with the leagues from BGC Farmington to provide competitive team play, with "home" games in Aztec and "away" games in Farmington or Bloomfield **New This Year!

     Triple Play – building healthy behaviors and practices for life, with a focus on mind, body, soul
•    Wanna Play - Increasing physical activity with Recreational Sports: Volleyball, Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, Field Hockey, Tag, Satran Ball and other games of skill
•    Hershey's Track & Field (preparing for Track & Field Events)

•    SMART Moves - Drug, Alcohol, tobacco prevention
•    SMART Girls - Teaching young girls how to make good decisions and stay healthy
•    Passport to Manhood -Teaching young boys how to make good decisions and stay healthy
•    Triple Play Healthy Habits - Teaching healthy eating habits
•    Cavity Free Zone - Teaching young people how to take care of their smiles
•    Kids-N- Control - Teaching safety and good decision making techniques

•    NetSmartz - Teaching internet safety
•    Lego Robotics - Introduction to Robotics
•    K’Nex Engineering – basic principles, taught with fun girders and motors
•    Youth for Unity - Learning about Diversity


Please call 334-8861 for information on any of the many Programs we offer.

Please note, not all programs are offered at all times, or for every age group.


Aztec Boys & Girls Club also offers 10 weeks of Summer Camp each year.
Please contact the Club in the Spring for Summer Camp information.



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